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Book a consultation with one of our dedicated staff and to see how we can provide help to you or your loved ones. You can book a consultation meeting with us at any time below.

Our Home Care Services 


Serving with a Smile, A Helping Hand, and Open Heart

Our services are delivered with exceptional and effortless care!


Transportation with Curbside Pick-Up and Assistance

Safe,clean, bonded and insured,reliable transportation for all needs

including medical appointments, shopping trips, and errands. We

escort all clients into the vehicle with personalized care and

support—always by their side.


Medical Appointments

We stay with our clients during their entire visit to provide support

and a sounding board, as necessary. We help fill out medical paperwork

and assist with communicating to the doctor, medical team, and family members.


Wake-Up Calls/Reminders

Rely on us to ensure on-time arrival for medical appointments,

taking medication, scheduling of events,  hair appointments,

luncheons, and more.


Medication Assistance

We provide personal Med Tech support to visit, remind, assist,

review, and follow up with medication administration in the comfort

of a client’s home.


Fun with Friends

We help plan and create wonderful experiences for one-on-one

outings or small group outdoor activities. We can also help plan

special events for parties, bookclubs, or picnics.


Special services offered by Senior Concierge Shoppe

• Senior Sitting and Companionship

• Laundry

• Food Shopping/Meal Preparation

• Memory Care Training

• Room Staging and Walk-Through

• QA Care Plan Review

• Personal care assistance

• Compassionate Care

• Senior Advocacy

• Hospital/End-of-Life Support

Service Pricing for Exceptional and Effortless Care

We provide family members with the comfort they need to know their loved one is receiving exceptional and effortless care through companionship and loving attention.


Contact Senior Concierge Shoppe for pricing.

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All other offerings available:

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