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Who Are We. 


We are a united family of dependable, skilled caregivers with a passion for making seniors’ golden years comfortable by

providing companionship and personalized services to improve the quality and enjoyment of life. 


We are a team of experienced healthcare professionals with certifications, trained in all aspects of senior care to provide

everyday assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL's), Medical Technicians, Nursing, Certified Licensed Chef, First

Aid/Fire Safety, CPR and Certified Dementia Practitioners (CDP), We vow to ensure quality care is delivered to

embrace the reality of individuals with Alzheimer’s and Dementia through on-site and virtual training.


We are a full-service company of caring individuals who believe we were created to live/to give a hand to others extending

dignity and respect for all. Going above and beyond is not an effort for Senior Concierge Shoppe—it is effortless!

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